baby cot with removable side Baby cot with removable side

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  • Next2Me is the original side-sleeping crib by Chicco, which provides the perfect solution for side-sleeping as babies sleep safely in their crib while mum rests next to them, without being in the same bed, helping to nurture the special bond between parents and babies.

    The Next2Me has been carefully designed to offer a simple system to securely fasten it to any bed including divans thanks to its folding feet.

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  • Complete with a padded mattress, Next2Me transforms into a four-sided unit so it can be used as a normal crib away from the bed as baby grows. Its six adjustable heights on both legs allow parents to incline the crib to help with reflux and congestion. The crib even comes complete with a padded mattress and is available in a gentle and neutral dove grey, to suit every bedroom.

    Why do you think it stands out among the plethora of cots available? The inclinable base is a unique and incredibly beneficial offering.

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  • Above all, Next2Me has the ability to revolutionise the side-sleeping market. The crib makes this practice completely safe while allowing parents to bond with their newborn in a whole new way.

    The removable side ensures parents can feel physically close to their baby without having to get out of their own bed, which promotes better sleep for both parents and the baby.

    Jeanette liaised with my sister with whom we were staying with and dropped everything off the day before our arrival. Additional information Hazy Grey , White Shipping Disclaimer We do not have stock levels on our website and when you place your order it may be in or out of stock. Catherine York, an advisor on a hour helpline run by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Its fold-flat flame, travel bag and quick and easy disassembly method also means that Next2Me is perfect for taking on the move. It is the lightest crib on the market but is robust enough to make parents feel confident in its abilities, Next2Me offers all a whole range of benefits with the flexibility of a travel crib, so your baby can sleep in the same comfy nest even when travelling. What do you think are the hallmarks of outstanding design in the wonderful world of cots? The padded mattress gives them a soft and snuggly place to rest and the inclining base means they can be tilted up to try and minimise the discomfort caused by reflux.

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    Another important factor to consider is how quickly they can settle back down when they wake in the night. Side-sleeping is also proved to make breastfeeding easier, which results in less anxiety for mums and more bonding between mums and their babies.

    Have you got any top tips for good quality sleep? We believe that the most important thing for any baby is for them to be happy. Why did you enter your product into the Junior Design Awards?

    baby cot with removable side Baby cot with removable side

    Here at Chicco we take pride in the way that we carefully craft the design of our products to offer the best solutions for parents and baby. Next2Me was developed in close collaboration with the Osservatorio Chicco, our Baby Research Centre which continually works with pediatricians, midwives and experts in the medical-scientific world to gain as much knowledge as possible on babies and uses this information to develop innovative and specific solutions for each growth phase.

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    baby cot with removable side Baby cot with removable side

    The next step could be a side-sleeping crib, which also rocks the baby to sleep, that could be the solution that every parent is waiting for!



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