boori cot bed reviews Boori cot bed reviews

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white sleigh cot with drawer

I've already bought the Boori Matilda cradle in English oak for her to sleep in first in our room. I was just wondering is the boori price tag worth it? What is the best brand of cot you can buy in your opinion? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated! Its as good as new and has also survived 4 moves I've heard nothing but praise about that brand: I happen to be their eldest so this is also their first grandchild n nme bks88 Aw how cute!!

There's the product review site have a look on there at the reviews.. Another good set is the grotime cot 6 in 1 m mkm00 NO! We ordered a boori bassinet, cot and changer and all were damaged in some way or had some part missing. Even now, the drop side doesn't work.

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  • I wish I could go back and find something cheaper. The sleigh cot is especially expensive.

    boori cot bed reviews Boori cot bed reviews

    I guess that's to be expected - some people will love them, others won't! A little bit cheaper, great quality and gorgeous to look at!

    I love my nursery! B Babiesmummy bks88 They are honestly worth every cent. I have just bought the forever sleigh it turns into a double bed It is absolutely gorgeous.

    And will be hers till she buys her own bed in her 20sI catch myself going in her room just to look at it lol A AmberleeW30 I have the boori country collection and I Love it!!! Ds is only 4 months old so we haven't had a whole lot of use out of it yet but so far so good. I love the draw under the cot, it is very handy for extra storage I put my sheets, wraps, bkankets ect in it. We went with the 5 draw chest of draws which are really deep so you can also fit alot in it.

    We didn't get the bassinet as we were given a co-sleeper to use, although now I wish I has as ds loved to be rocked to sleep.

    It looks really nice and everybody who sees it comments on how lovely it looks. We chose the white mainly because that's the colour we preferred but we were told of all the colours it is the easiest to colour match for paint if you want to cover up the marks once it gets a little older we too will be using it with all our future children.

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  • In saying that ours has got one small dent in it where dh scratched it with his belt leaning over the cot and you can only see it if you are really looking for it. I also loved the soft white but was told to be careful with that colour because if it gets exposed to too much sun it turns a pinky shade.

    boori cot bed reviews Boori cot bed reviews

    If you do choose to get it, look around at different places because we found that the price differed greatly from store to store. I'm happy to answer any other questions about it for you. A AmberleeW30 Also we thought the drop side didn't work but after awhile realised dh just put it on the wrong way. Once it was turned around it works well, was a little stiff at first but after a few weeks of using it, it works perfectly.

    A Sorry it's the sleigh royal we have. We were given the cot second hand by a close friend. Her children are 9 and 6. Ours are three almost and 11 weeks. Like pp, it looks brand new. I'm not certain that white would show less marks though.

    Apart from quality, I love that its a little bigger than a standard cot. DS 1 is a hefty, tall boy.

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  • He never seemed to outgrow it. He only got moved into a bed due to number 2, otherwise we would have kept him in it longer it converts to a toddler bed. Only downside I've found is that some cot sheet sets and blankets don't fit. Have found most target ones do. Not sure I'd buy one brand new, think I'd try to get a decent second hand one first to save money.

    Shop These Cots Online We hope you enjoyed this buying guide. I have just bought the forever sleigh it turns into a double bed It also transforms to a full size double bed with sofa conversion kit sold separately , making it an extremely attractive investment piece to keep your growing family safe and snug for many years.

    We also have the baseline boori change table and I can't fault it either. The only thing that I would recommend for the change table is we got the 4 drawer tall boy and attached the change table tray kit to it.

    It gives us more storage, looks neater, and when bubs gets older she won't be able to just yank things off the open shelves because everything is in closed up drawers: Our cot has teeth marks all along the top:



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