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  • I accept the updated privacy policy in order to continue navigating. Help us to maintain a safe community. Here below, we will explain the most important updates to our privacy policy.

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    Wallapop, as many other companies, have updated our privacy policy in order to comply with the European regulation on the protection of data. Most likely by now you have received a lot of communication about this topic. If you have reached this paragraph, then we can assume that this topic is of interest to you and, therefore, we will attempt to explain to you, in the simplest possible way, what we have changed in order to ensure your privacy.

    The new regulations that applies to personal data is at the base of all our actions as a company. In our case, we must have your consent to to handle any personal data that is supplied to us by you; including those resulting from your registration to use the application. As you understand, in order to use the Wallapop app to chat or upload items or so that we can select publicity according to your taste and preferences, we require some personal information.

    If you choose not to supply this data, you will continue to see adverts but they will not be based on your interests. Here are few of the frequently asked questions we receive: Who is responsible for the handling of my personal data? Wallapop is responsible for the data that you share with us.

    If you have questions, comments or suggestions or if you want to exercise any of your rights explained below, please contact us on this address privacidad wallapop. Does this policy apply to me? Wallapop may not be used by individuals younger than 14 years old and it is recommended for those over 18 only. If you are over this age, we recommend that you read or privacy policy in order to fully understand it. Why are we making these changes?

    We are updating our privacy policy in order to comply with the new the legal framework, that said, you should see very little change in the use of the app. The system will continue to work in the same way; you will still see adverts that may or not be relevant to your interests and the services we offer will remain the same. When will you collect my personal data?

    Wallapop collects personal data from the registered users on our website and application and those who consult and navigate without having registered. Wallapop obtains data on your IP address and other indicators related to the device you are using to access our website and application. In addition, with your permission, Wallapop will be given access to the location of your device so that we can inform you about the items that are closest to you, allowing you to fully enjoy all the services we offer.

    Which data do you use? Wallapop only use the data that is strictly necessary for the use of the application and those for which you have given previous consent.

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  • What is this data used for? Wallapop has access to your IP for the following purposes: The handling of this data is only allowed with your previous consent to the cookies policy or the device settings. By signing up, you agree that Wallapop may legitimately use your data for those purposes. We are also able to terminate the registration as an effect of specific legal obligations that ensure we protect our users, services and products.

    Wallapop undertakes this action taking into account the relationship maintained with the user and ensuring that the communication focusses on our products and services. The purpose if this is to verify the lawful use of our services.

    The handling of this data is done under the protection of our legitimate interest to ensure against illicit and fraudulent use of our services. Wallapop undertakes this process only once you have agreed to the general conditions of use when employing these services.

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  • This forms the basis of our legal obligation to comply with the legislation on the protection of consumers and users. This process can only be undertaken with your previous consent. How long will my personal data be stored? If you are not registered on our webpage or our application, the duration of conservation of your personal data by Wallapop will be the following: When you delete your registration as a user of wallapop, we will delete all of the information we have that belongs to you.

    However, Wallapop will conserve purely statistical data on the use of resources and tools. Who will my personal data be shared with?

    To be very clear; your data will only be shared with third parties in the specific case that you have consented to this. We share data with outside companies in order to offer you services for which we collaborate with other entities. An example of such is the shipping service with whom we share your postal information.

    cot bed 130 x 70 Cot bed 130 x 70

    If you accept that publicity may be chosen according to your taste, we will use tools in order to select said publicity. What are my rights concerning the protection of personal data? Your rights to this data include access, rectification, elimination, examination and restriction of use and portability, as well as the repeal of any consent you have previously given. Each of these points is explained in the links we have supplied in the introduction and also via email on this address: I accept to recieve customized content and ads.

    I accept the conditions for privacy. It seems that you don't want to you see the ads most relevant to you.

    Please follow our recommendations on the table below to determine which tog is the best one for you. Hauck Jeep Infinity carry cot. Wallapop only use the data that is strictly necessary for the use of the application and those for which you have given previous consent.

    You will still see the ads but they won't be chosen according to your preferences. By signing in you agree to our.



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