cot bed canopy ikea Cot bed canopy ikea

Email 9K Shares Ladies, have I got a fun little project for you! In my house, we are always making little tents. My kids love nothing more than throwing some blankets over the table, or stringing a line, and hanging a sheet over it. They could be content for hours playing in a tent. I decided it was high time I made them a cute tent that would be easy to put up and take down with a little help from mommy.

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  • This dreamy canopy tent only requires 3 items to make.. It is dreamy and oh so cute! My little family is in love with it already! I picked it up from a local craft store. If you want to hang your dreamy canopy tent a little lower you may want to buy 2 spools as I used one entire spool for mine!

    cot bed canopy ikea Cot bed canopy ikea

    I also got my embroidery hoop from a local craft store. It is a inch hoop, and I think it is just the right size! They are a really lightweight mesh fabric. They are so perfect for this project. If you have an IKEA near you, this is a perfect option. You can also search eBay or Amazon to see if you can find them there. If not, you can choose any light weight curtain with a casing along the top!

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  • Slide a small plastic bag over the end of the open hoop put the end in the center of the bag, the corners of the bag catch on the fabric then twist the ends of the bag around the arm of the hoop. Begin sliding the curtain fabric onto the hoop, the plastic will help it glide on smoothly. Make sure the casing seam, along the top of the curtains, is facing the inside of the hoop. Slide all 6 panels onto the hoop, and it should look something like this! Then remove the plastic bag.

    Now take the hardware you removed from the hoop in the beginning and screw the hoop back together. Clamp the two ends tightly together, then slide the curtains over the closing. Make sure the curtains are evenly distributed around the hoop.

    Cut 3 pieces of ribbon. Cookies can also be used to analyse traffic and for advertising and marketing purposes. For more information, call Tyson Foods Consumer Services at

    Cut 3 pieces of ribbon. I cut mine about 4 feet long, but if you want your hoop hanging farther from the ceiling then cut the ribbon longer. Then spread the curtains and loop the ribbon around the hoop.

    Should buy find and rest saudi arabia. I cut mine about 4 feet long, but if you want your hoop hanging farther from the ceiling then cut the ribbon longer. Tie them in a knot like so….

    You will place one ribbon every 2 curtain panels, that way the curtains will be even on every side. Fold the ribbon in half around the hoop and make all the ends meet at the top where it will hang. Tie them in a knot like so…. You can find hooks at most home equipment stores and they are very simple to install. Hang the knot over the hook and then spread two of the curtain panels to create a door!

    Add some fun touches like pillows and stuffed animals, and your dreamy canopy tent is all ready! It is basically heaven to watch them play! If you want to take it down when you are done playing, it is really simple: You can throw them in a bag or store it just like this!

    Simple, fun and absolutely beautiful! I hope you and your little ones enjoy!

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