cot bed packages Cot bed packages

Our house renovations Before I start my update for the week I want to let you know who our contractor is as I have had lots of questions and queries. We were looking for a contractor who would coordinate all of the different trades and plan the schedule of works so that we only had one point of contact and no extra hassle or stress in dealing with several different tradespeople. Maybe a bit further down the line I can write a whole post about how it all works out but so far it has been so easy and simple.

James visited the site several times before he began, produced a detailed quote breaking down each job and its cost, a detailed weekly schedule of works so that we know what is happening and when, a weekly invoice for the works completed the week before and all we have had to do is choose and buy the radiators, paint, bathroom suite and tiles — he buys all the necessary materials and they are included in the quote.

cot bed packages Cot bed packages

Jules meets James every Monday morning before work to go through how the previous week went and any details that need to be discussed for the upcoming week. We now have a completely open plan downstairs layout with a separate hallway leading upstairs. When we can afford to extend into the garden we will make more changes to the layout of the downstairs, like add a loo under the stairs and push the kitchen into the extension, but here is the floor plan as the property was when we bought it just to remind you… We have kept the hallway wall and removed the wall between the two receptions and the kitchen so that whole space is now open plan.

We will also block up the doorway to the back reception but keep the two other doors so there are two points of access to the space.

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  • We have plans to do a DIY job on making this liveable. We have ordered a new inexpensive white laminate worktop from ManoMano because the black has got to go!

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    The space is 2. My mum has an old ceramic sink in her garden and if we can clean it up well enough we will put that in too. There is a separate larder in the hallway just next to the kitchen door and James, our contractor, suggested we place an under counter fridge and freezer parallel with this wall with a wooden worktop — probably one of those cheap Ikea ones.

    So here is how the rest of the room looks… This is looking from the kitchen area into the dining room and you can see where the wall between the two receptions has been removed.

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  • This is looking in to the front reception from the french doors in the dining area. Hopefully once all that stuff has been moved it will be easier to visualise the space. Looking from the front reception down towards the garden.

    cot bed packages Cot bed packages

    The plasterboard has started to go up upstairs too… The front bedroom which will be our room. I bought this fireplace insert and just seeing that fitted makes it look like a proper room again.

    And finally the bathroom. That will be my next post!

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