double cot bed price in india Double cot bed price in india

A bed sheet transforms the look of a bedroom in a beautiful way. They are made of various fabrics, such as cotton, linen, synthetics, and silk.

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  • History says that the first bed sheets were made of linen, which was derived from the flax plant. Egyptians have been cultivating and weaving linen for centuries.

    It is lustrous and softer than cotton.

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  • This is the reason why linen sheeting was so popular in the earlier days. The types of bed sheets If you want to buy a bed sheet online, Myntra is your perfect destination. We have bedspreads in various colours, designs, and fabrics.

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  • We have sheets for single beds, double beds and king-sized beds. The sheet sets comprise of a bed sheet and matching pillow covers. You should never compromise on quality when you are buying sheets for your bed. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in bed sheets because of its durability and softness.

    The highest quality of cotton is the Egyptian cotton.

    double cot bed price in india Double cot bed price in india

    You can find a wide range of Egyptian cotton sheets on Myntra in vibrant colours and designs. The most popular designs are floral prints, geometric prints, Disney prints, stripes and abstract prints. Tips for buying the right bed sheet Although there are various designs available in the market, you should choose a bed sheet that matches your taste and personality.

    Or probably you want to upgrade your closet? We do not restrict ourselves to the mass made designs, and we love it when you explore the world and get your bed customized.

    Your bedding is a reflection of your personality. Here are some tips for buying the right bed sheet: At first, you need to consider the size of your bed. Measure your mattress and see if you need a single, double, or king bed sheet. When you are buying cotton sheets, make sure to buy a bigger size as cotton shrinks with every wash.

    You should also invest in good quality comforters for your bedding. The next thing that you need to consider is the fabric of the sheet. Cotton sheets are preferred by most people in India as they are comfortable and cool.

    Option to choose different colors are also made available on Paytm Mall. Even specific provisions have been made on the Paytm Mall for single-bed mosquito protection with single-bed mosquito net. And it hardly needs to be mentioned that sleep is as much of a contributor to good health as good nutrition and exercise.

    If you want to buy a premium bed sheet, you can check out the collection of Egyptian cotton sheets on Myntra. If you are looking for affordable options, you can opt for pure polyester. Silk sheets are very smooth and shiny. You can use them on special occasions.

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    If the walls of your room are decorated with wall art , you should choose a plain sheet. Make sure your room has some fancy furniture and colourful vases.

    When you are choosing the pattern of your bed sheet, go for a pattern that you can identify with. Florals are great for people who love flowers and nature. Abstract prints are great for artistic people.

    double cot bed price in india Double cot bed price in india

    Stripes and checks suit people with a vivacious personality. A beautiful bed sheet can magically transform the look of your room.

    Log on to Myntra right away and make the right choice for your bedroom.



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