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Abah-abah , goods, chattels, effects; gear, tackle — see Parabah. Abang , Javanese-Red-rarely heard — occurs in the word Tanabang near Batavia — Tanah-abang — red land. Abdallah , the son of Abd-ul-muttalib, and father of the prophet Mohammad, he was the husband of Amina. Not long after their marriage Abdallah set out on a trading journey to Gaza in the south of Syria, and on his return, died at Medina before Mohammad was born.

Abd-ul-Muttalib , the grandfather of Mohammad, who took care of him when left as an orphan at the early age of seven years: June Page Abd-ul-Mutalib was noted for the munificence with which he entertained all pilgrims, who came to the temple in Mecca of which he was guardian.

Throughout the Country of Bantan there were scattered Lumbur abdi and orang abdi, abdi villages and abdi people, who were treated as serfs or slaves, and their young women sent to the Harems in Bantan, by a sort of "Droit de seigneur.

king parrot ulur cot bed King parrot ulur cot bed

Many Mohammedan names begin with these words, as Abdul-Rachman the slave of the compassionate God — Abdul Rahim, the slave of the merciful God. All Chinese who become converts to Mohammedanism get the name of Abdullah. Abig-abig , the upper gable end of a house, being a triangle of which the sloping roof forms two sides, and a line drawn from eaves to eaves, the base.

The triangular piece of thatch or matted bambu which fits into this place. Abong , Forsooth, oh dear — abong sia bogah duit, forsooth now that you have got some money. Abong-abong , said when a man presumes on his position or circumstances. Abong-abong ka nu leutik, presuming upon a mans position to oppress people of humble degree.

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Abrit-abritan , to skip or skit about, to bound nimbly along. Father — often occurs in the composition of proper names, as the Javanese of the western part of the island mostly bear arabic names from being Mohammedans. Abu Bakar , ar: The first Caliph so called and successor to Mohammad. He was father in law to Mohammad.

His daughter Aisha was a virgin when Mohammad espoused her; he had been married before to Kadijah who was a widow. Aburan , running wild, neglected, let at large, not taken care of. Abus , to run in, to enter — abus na kadinyo, it ran in there.

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Abu Talib , one of the sons of Abdul Muttalib on whom devolved the charge of his nephew Mohammad on te death of Abdul Muttalib. He took care of the orphan Mohammad during his youth, and reached the age of upwards of 80 years. Abdallah, the father of Mohammad, and Abu Talib were brothers by the same mother. Achah , au interjection of derision: Achalok , a hop, a short jump; to hop, to perch as a bird on a branch.

Achan , even, at all. Achar , Persian-Pickles Achar iwung, pickles made of the sprouts of young bambus. The name is familiar to the Sunda people from their Hajis or Pilgrims to Mecca often finding their way there [1]. Achi , among Peranakan Chinese is elder sister, eldest sister- see Puachi.

Achi , the juice, the gravy, the essential liquid of meat. Achi , the fecula of a palm tree or tuberous root, prepared for eating in any way. Acho , to talk vauntingly, to brag, to hold ridiculons talk, see ngacho. Acho bai sia mohal aya nu ngandel, what stuff you talk, it is not likely that any one will believe you.

Adah , an interjection of surprise or dismay, oh! Adam, the first man, called also Nabi Adam which means the prophet Adam — but most of the remarkable Characters in the old Testament bear the distinguishing epithet of Nabi. Adas , carawaij, carum- name of a warm tasted seed.

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  • Adas , generally called after the Malay, Adas manis, aniseed, anethum graveolens. Custom, long established usage, mode, way of acting, for the reason that. Adat nagara, the usage of the Country. Adat kula tilok ngala, because I never take any. Rat is a contraction of Rata, C. Country, district, an inhabited Country; thus we have Surakarta adi ning Rat, and Jugyakarta adi ning Rat. Adhi ning Rat is a title often given to Javanese chiefs of high rank. Adi pati , [6] one of the highest ranks of office, derived from Adi vide voce and Pati C.

    Adon , to visit a neighbour or friend — mostly with a view to get something out of him- this frequently happens at crop or fruit time, in order to get a share- to go and receive food or daily necessaries from a friend. Adon jagong, to go to get maize; adon nyatu, to go to get fed.

    Adu , to fight, to squabble, see Agadu- This word is also no doubt of Sanscrit origin. The nearest to be found in Clough are at Page Wada, discourse, discussion, controversy, disputation. Wadi, a disputant, a controversialist — Wadu, hatred, anger, malice, wrath. Adu biru , an expression of contempt used towards any one- montong di bawuran adu biru sia, you need not put in any of your jaw to meddle with conversation or matters that do not regard you.

    For Adu vide voce. Biruma C barking- the verbal noun of Buranawa to bark as a dog- adu biru is thus literally, controversy and barking [7]. Adug , to stamp and kick about, as a horse in the stable, or any animal confined in a fold or cage- to be obstreperous. Aduh , an interjection of grief or pain- oh! I cannot help you.

    Aduk , to mix, to mingle, to entangle, to cause confusion, to jumble together. Aduk apu to mix lime- Kusut amat unit di aduk, how confused it is by being jumbled together. It is formed by tying two ataps to each other, so that their respective ends hang away from each other, and having thus the Jejalon of each in contact with the other.

    Agama , religion- as Agama Serani, the Christian religion, agama Slam the Mohammedan religion agama Auda, the Bhuddist religion, which the natives know as their religion before the introduction of Mohammedanism, but which is about all that they know of it. Agar-agar , a species of sea-weed; Zostera or Plocaria candida. It is boiled down into a jelly and so eaten, especially by invalids. This is also the derivation in Wilson, but it means only a kind of grass, vulgo Deotar.

    Agul -Proud, vain, elated with success. Juru agung, the chief director- Kagungan, Highness. Agus , a rank of birth when the father has been a Mas, and the mother of ignoble origin; also much used as a term of courtesy in addressing any man.

    Ah , an interjection of disapprobation, or dislike. Sunday, the seventh day of the week. It is always named first in enumerating the days of the week. Ahing , appertaining to greatness, splendid, magnificent, excelling others. Ahwal or awal , ar: The word is used to distinguish some months- Rabiul awal- Rabiul akir, the former and latter Rabi, the third and fourth mohammedan months- awal na kiyo in the beginning it was thus Aing , the pronoun I, used by a superior to an inferior.

    This word may be the first part of the word aya, a riffned expression for father, with a common Polynesion terminal ng attached to it- or it mey be the Singhalese ayiya C. Deference to age being so much observed by the natives, that a slight modification of Father or Elder brother has become current for the personal pronoun used to designate a superior individual- see kula. Ais , to carry on the back, mostly wrapped up in the Samping. Aisha was only seven years old when betrothed to Mohammad, and was not regularly married to him, till two years later.

    All Mohammads other wives had been married before. Ajag , a species of wild dog common in the jungle. It is of a brown foxy colour, and has a bushy tail.

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  • A small variety is called usung-asung. The ajag is the Canis rutilans. It worries sheep and young buffaloe calves. Ajak , to invite, to urge, to press, to persuade, to take a part or share in any action to stimulate, to excite- Kula hanto di ajak Ywas not invited.

    Di ajak ka nu goring, he urged me to do wrong- ajakan reujeung to invite him to go along with you. Ajam , intending, purporting, having a wish or design to do something- Ajam ka Bogor, I propose or intend to go to Buitenzorg. Ajang , For, to be used for, for the purpose of.

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  • Ajang indung for mij mother; Ajang imah, to be used for a house; ajam pi-teuas, to make it hard. Ajangan , to pay respect or deference to. To di ajangan sakali, they paid him no respect. Ajangan , is also used for tho pronoun you when applied to great people, and might be translated your deference. Parentah ajangan kudu leumpang, your deferences orders were that we should set out. This word is derived from the Kawi word jeng meaning foot, and implies the humbleness of the person using the word, as he dare not address himself to any part of his superior higher than his feet- Jangha, C.

    It might be conferred with or be the same as aing; see above Fr. Ajangan , said of a great man, as much as His Honour — Ajangan tuan, your honour, certainly the same word as the two preceding ones. Ajar , to instruct, to teach, to train, to learn- Ajara, a teacher in compound singhalese words, as Loajara, a name of Buddha or Brahma, from Lo the world, Ajara, teacher C.

    It may however, be a contraction of Acharya C. Aji , to study, lo learn, as at school, the formularies of religion; to read religious books, to recite prayers.



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