tuscany cot bed toys r us Tuscany cot bed toys r us

Friday, 2 March , at 2: Ys, that is vry tru. John Fny Posted by: Vince Lepore leporeva hotmail.

The maximum number of extra beds in a room is 1. UTG checks, I bet out. I did the betting 3 handed.

Friday, 2 March , at 5: John F-n-y or phonetically it coud be: Friday, 2 March , at 8: On the occasion, let me repost again one of the funniest text I found at the Web.

The European Commission has just announced the agreement whereby English will be the official language of the EU rather than German, which was the other possibility. As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty's Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5 year phase-in-plan that would be known as "Euro-English. Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy.

The hard C will be dropped in favour of the k. This should klear up konfusion and komputer keyboards kan have one less letter. There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome ph will be replased with the f. In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible.

Governments will enkorage the removal of double leters which have always been a deterent to akurat speling. Also al wil agree that the horible mes of the silent e in the languag is disgrasful and it should go away. By the 4th yer peopl wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing the th with z and w wiz v. During ze fifz yer ze unesesary o kan be dropd from vords kontaining ou and similar changes vud of kors be aplid to ozer kombinations of leters.

During ze fifz yer ze unesesary o kan be dropd from vords kontaining ou and similar changes vud of kors be aplid to ozer kombinations of leters. The Tuscany cotbed has two solid ends with a curving panelled effect, and two sides with widely spaced slats. Children and extra beds One child under 12 years is charged EUR 20 per night when using existing beds.

After ziz fifz yer ve vil hav a rali sensibl riten styl. Zer vil be no mor trubl or difikultis and evrivun vil find it ezi tu understand ech ozer. Saturday, 3 March , at Wednesday, 28 February , at Any changes in the room lately?

Same people still in charge? Is the room still in the same spot? Haven't been around lately. Harrah's East Chicago Posted by: Thursday, 1 March , at 9: Yeah the idiots added a line on all tables so if cuz the dealers and some players are to stupid to know where the chips ought to be or IF a hand is mucked. Only yesterday they brought out some tasty looking burgers and plenty of buns for the players to eat the bastards were making tripple and double deckers so the rest of us had nothing to eat - god I hate Chicago and the rotten poker rooms here.

Harrah's East Chicago Posted on: Thursday, 1 March , at Haven't been around since a dealer thought it strange of me, that a player not be allowed to work crossword puzzles, from a newpaper, while having part of the poker table obscured from my view. According to her I was the problem, for being too "particular".

tuscany cot bed toys r us Tuscany cot bed toys r us

That produced a short-handed game, with a list, and a seat locked. There was more than one person, doing that. Management never came-up with a solution for the horrendous amount of "walking" on the games. Forty and fifty minutes "walking". Yeah how about this: Yesterday - I was distracted and missed the guy next to me raise pre flop - I put my bet in the "circle" and noticed the raise - NO ACTION behind me - I was not allowed to pull back my bet - option given to me was fold with the bet in or call the raise I had a marginal hand on the button so I called - dealer was unaware of the action behind concept.

Later - bloody dealer hunched over the table obscuring my view of the 2 seat I was in the 9 seat - I had J2 in an unraised blind with a J77 flop turn and river.

I did the betting 3 handed. My hand was turned up. This is crap - like I have been saying Hollywood and Harras would be good sights to build a casino. Then there is Tony - the guy who balls out players for using off color language.

I an not ever going to toke another dealer in that house. Michael D MichaelD8 aol. Thursday, 1 March , at 2: Mike, It would seem to me that a simple solution would be to not patronize any business establishment where you are not comfortable with the way things are run. There are those that agree with your observations and those who do not.

Personally, while I disagree with the way some things are done at both Casinos, I have found them to be tolerable for myself. If I did not, I would simply choose to travel and play elsewhere, move, or not play at all. I still think the games are excellent and very beatable. I personally believe that to be extremely important and I am willing to put up with some inconveniences to play in them. Kevin J Posted on: Friday, 2 March , at 1: Mike- Could you please let me in on which game is excellent and very beatable?

I couldn't seem to find one tonight. Saturday, 3 March , at 1: Any game I am in judging by the way SPM keeps following me around and taking my chips. Suburban Poker Man conedil aol. Don't hold back, Rounder, tell us how you really feel JOJO, I've only been there once, a little over a year ago. I though it was OK. The dealers were horrible, but that's because they pool tips and there is no incentive to do a good job did you know that Rounder?

The games were good, but the best part was all the friendly players that went out of their way to show me a good time. Of course I lost my ass on that trip, otherwise I might have given them a better rating. Friday, 2 March , at 6: Rounder, I'd like to say that the one thing I agree with you is that the manager of the East Chicago room is terrible and underqualified as far as I'm concerned.

tuscany cot bed toys r us Tuscany cot bed toys r us

Don't like the management but the games there are phenominal on the weekends. I can put with some of their silly rules as long as the games stay good.

Have a nice day Friday, 2 March , at 9: Harrah's has this dealer that comes to Hollywood and is the most abusive to players. I had red Kings in the sb.

He was the bb. It was raised by a fairly loose player UTG.

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I decided to reraise to not only isolate him, but to see just how strong UTG was. Flop came 10h Jh 7c. UTG reraised and I capped it. Turn comes a Qh. UTG checks, I bet out. River comes a 7h. He turns over A2h.

The dealer from Harrah's went off. Calling me names that don't have the correct anatomy to accomplish, even if I were so inclined to commit incest. Seems he had pocket queens that he trashed, and I was the "m f idiot" that caused him to muck them.

I got so furious that.. I was winning over a rack, so I figured rather than play when I was not enjoying the game, I decided to rack up and leave. He called me another profanity and I called for the floor. Lisa, the floor supervisor listened and then told him, "You cannot use profanity in this room, Sir. She told him again, yes.

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  • He didn't say anything else and she left the table. He then snarled, "watch your back on your ride home. I called him everything but a first born son, and regretfully this included profanity.

    The next trip, two of the regulars came up to me to greet me and I was blown away when one of them informed me that the guy that had threatened me was a poker dealer at Harrah's. I was even more furious now and spoke to Bob, Hollywood's Manager about it. He had a talk with him the next time he came in, but I was still totally blown away that a poker dealer would act like that.

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