best cots for newborns Best cots for newborns

Looking after yourself Getting a good night's sleep A full night's sleeo is one of the things that many new parents miss most after their baby is born. It is normal for babies to wake during the night to be fed and comforted. By responding to your baby's cries, you are teaching her that the world is a safe place.

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This will help her to develop the skills to sleep through the night in the long term. As long as you understand this, you can prepare for it — and look forward to the time when she sleeps through the night!

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  • Think carefully about your baby's safety before every sleep. It provides a handy space for babies to sleep near their parents at night, and close to parents during daytime sleeps.

    Keeping your baby right beside you is important as it makes your baby feel safe and secure in those early weeks and months. Back to sleep To keep your baby safe when she is sleeping, always put her to sleep on her back on a firm flat mattress. This decreases the risk of SUDI Sudden unexplained death in infancy which used to be called cot death.

    Co-sleeping means an adult sleeping beside a baby in a bed, on a sofa or chair. Each twin therefore has their own firmly tucked in bedclothes or baby sleeping bag.

    Feet to foot When you put your baby down in her Baby Box, moses basket, cradle or cot to sleep, always position her at the bottom — that is, with her feet at the foot of her cot — not with her head at the top. Safe sleep Your baby should sleep in the same room as you for every sleep.

    Speak to your midwife about where your baby will sleep during the day and night. Risks associated with bed sharing are the baby overheating, suffocating or suffering injury.

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  • At this temperature, your baby will only need one or two layers of cellular blanket to keep her snug all night long. Make sure that her room is free from draughts.

    Don't forget yourself When you can, take time to have a relaxing bath before bed. Ask your partner or a friend to take over for an hour. You might still only get four hours' sleep before you're up for another feed, but at least you've had a little 'me time'.

    best cots for newborns Best cots for newborns

    Plagiocephaly You may have heard about babies developing a persistent flat spot, either at the back of, or on one side of the head. It sometimes happens when babies lie in the same position for long periods. If you are worried and want more information ask your midwife or health visitor.

    Tummy Time to Play, Back to Sleep , either before or shortly after the birth of your baby. Reducing the risk of sudden unexplained death in infancy SUDI SUDI sudden unexpected death in infancy used to be called cot death, but this can happen during any sleep at any time, day or night.

    We do know, however, that there are ways of reducing the risks. Always place your baby on her back to sleep, with her feet at the foot of the Baby Box or cot. Keep your baby away from cigarette smoke — and remember that it can linger on clothes too. Make your home smoke-free. Clear the Baby Box or cot of all bumpers, pillows and soft toys.

    Don't leave your baby to sleep in a car seat when not travelling, or in a bouncy seat.

    best cots for newborns Best cots for newborns

    Your baby's head can roll forward if they are not sleeping flat which can limit the flow of air. It's very dangerous for you or anyone else to fall asleep with a baby on a sofa or in an armchair.



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