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Once heavily used, the deforestation of teak is now strictly controlled to ensure a continued and rejuvenated supply of wood. What is it that makes teak so desirable? Strength Teak is a hard wood. It is strong and durable, able to withstand extremes of heat and cold. Whilst this makes it excellent wood for outdoor furniture, it also means that it can provide a lifetime and more of use indoors. Using the right type of teak — good quality wood with high quantities of oil and rubber — can result in beautiful pieces of furniture that can take whatever your home and throw at them.

Beauty The colour and grain of teak wood makes it one of the most attractive to furniture makers and home owners. Whilst outdoor teak furniture can be left to the elements and become an elegant silver-grey colour, teak used for indoor purposes is often oiled to retain its warm golden colour. Its strength is a real plus-point for furniture designers, who can produced a range of pieces that may not be viable using other, softer woods, which often means that you have a wider range of choice in teak furniture than in many other woods.

Adaptability The natural benefits of teak; strength, durability, warm colour, resistance to termites or other damaging elements, make it an extremely adaptable wood. Its water-resistant properties and tendency not to splinter easily made it a favourite for shipbuilders for hundreds of years and it has since been used for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor furniture.

From large dining room tables to elegant cabinets and patio furniture, teak has the flexibility that many furniture makers are looking for today. Outdoor Teak Furniture - Important Facts When Buying One of the biggest logical considerations for buyers of deck or patio furniture is price.

Most of us cannot simply go out and buy the biggest and best outdoor patio furniture without serious financial consequences. Still, while pricing is always a huge factor in any deck furniture purchase decision—it should never be the only thing considered.

The value that you get for your money is really just as important as the amount you spend. If you take the time to calculate the true value of any furniture purchase, then the initial price will not be a true indication of the quality and usefulness. So how does one go about assessing value on premium outdoor teak furniture?

One critical component to any valuation of furniture is its durability. After all, if a patio set only lasts one season then it certainly has little value and is most likely not worth the time and effort it takes to go out and purchase the furniture. Premium outdoor teak furniture is not made to be used for a season or two and then discarded.

The durability of teak wood is world renown and it has been used to construct ship railings and similar products because it can stand up to the elements—especially rain—year after year.

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  • Teak wood originates in Southeast Asia and takes nearly 4 decades to reach maturity and a stage where it can be used to make furniture and other fine products.

    The oil content of teak is very high and helps give the wood its weather-resistant qualities. Because of this high oil concentration within the wood itself, teak outdoor furniture can literally be left outside season after season with little to no care. It is very possible that a premium outdoor teak furniture set will be the very last set of exterior furnishings you ever buy—the quality is that good!

    Aside from durability, the other critical component in any value estimate of teak furniture is its beauty. After all, a chair made from stainless steel would undoubtedly last for years and years outdoors without any signs of wear but that does not mean any of us would want metallic deck furniture!

    Fortunately, outdoor teak furniture is made with a golden brown hue that fades to a grayish silver patina as the years roll by giving the furniture a stately and refined look.

    Beautiful, highly durable, and designed with comfort in mind, premium outdoor teak furniture is a very valuable investment and will bring you and your family bountiful returns for years to come. Is It Really Teakwood? Part 1 Real teak furniture can withstand the elements and you do not have to worry about the rain, snow or sun causing damage. When you purchase real teakwood furniture and place it outside, you will not have to worry about weather damage nor will you have to do much to it in order to use it during the spring and summer.

    On the other hand, if you purchased outdoor furniture that is, "Teak oiled" or "better than teakwood " there is no guarantee how it will handle the weather. This Teak oil treatment will wear away over a period of time. In addition, all buyers have to understand that this furniture is not teakwood, though many who have purchased it believe that it is.

    One reason for this problem is the simple fact that we are all searching for a great deal. Every one wants to pay less, find that great deal, for top quality products, so much so that we often forget to ask questions and do the needed research required to guarantee we are purchasing want we want and getting what we purchase.

    Another popular description many outlets use is "Teak like" furniture. You have to ask yourself what this means. Teakwood contains a high content of silica, will weather the elements, and last for approximately 75 to years when left outdoors in the elements.

    Teakwood is the only type of wood, which can make these claims. Part 2 It is important that you know some easy facts to help you determine if you are purchasing "real teakwood furniture".

    When shopping for teakwood, you have to read the descriptions listed on any website or in store that sells outdoor furniture. Nyatoh dries slowly and has some tendencies to end split and warp.

    It is also usually rated as nondurable and or people living in termite-infested areas such as the Southeastern United States; Nyatoh has a low resistance to termite attack. The majority of these marketers are banking on the fact that many people will not do their homework and research the product. Advertisers have studied long and hard and have mastered the art of putting spins on items to make the buying public, think they are getting more for their money than they truly are.

    This fake teakwood is even being sold in grocery and drugstores.

    best wood for cot Best wood for cot

    If you look at a comparison between Nyatoh wood and teakwood you will clearly see that Nyatoh is not Teak like. Nyatoh wood is rated at Class 3, nondurable wood, has a low resistance to termite attack and Nyatoh sapwood is subject to experiencing powder-post beetle attack. Teakwood is rated at Class 1, is extremely durable resistant to insects as well as to warping. Other woods, which have similar characteristics as Teak, include Ebony, Iroka, Makore, and Opepe to name a few.

    Another difference between Nyatoh wood and teakwood, Nyatoh has to be protected with oil, and then treated yearly to maintain some level of protection from the elements. Teakwood does not have to be oiled, or treated to protect it from the elements.

    For the same reason, always remember to close drawers. Often there was a head-rest as well, semi-cylindrical and made of stone , wood , or metal.

    Owners of Nyatoh wood furniture who place it outdoors in the elements have to ensure that they keep the joints sufficiently oiled, this is the area where the protection is needed most. If water is trapped in the joints of this furniture, the wood will begin to rot.

    Nyatoh wood has been fashioned in very similar styles as that of high quality outdoor furniture. If you are on a budget and cannot afford teakwood, then Nyatoh is the deal you are looking for, however, you have to be aware of what you are really purchasing. You have to understand that this is by no means, not teakwood and you will have to maintain it to ensure that it will handle the elements.

    We all want to find that great deal, pay as little as possible for a item, and in short come out ahead on most products that we buy. This desire to get the best deal possible sometimes clouds our vision so that we do not pay enough attention to what we are actually buying. This sometimes leads to our being let down when we discover that what we have purchased is not what we thought we were buying.

    This holds true when you purchase outdoor furniture. However, if you read further into the advertisements, you will usually discover that the product is crafted from woods such as Shorea or Eucalyptus. Shorea trees are a genus of the family Dipterocarpaceae, which has approximately species and found mainly in tropical lowland rainforest. Countless marketers advertise Shorea wood as being related to Teak. However, Teak is of the genus Tectona Grandis of the family Verbenaceae.

    Saying Teak and Shorea are related is like saying, that a spruce tree is related to a magnolia tree. Granted they both are evergreens, but that is the only commonality they share. The spruce belongs to the genus Picea of the Family Pinaceae and the magnolia belongs to the genus Magnolioideae of the Family Magnoliaceae. The Shorea genus has approximately species. Balau is a heavy hardwood. Almon, which is also know as white luan.

    There are approximately different species of Shorea genus. These woods are beautiful and make gorgeous indoor furniture, and decorative artifacts. These woods can even be used for outdoor furniture.

    However, they are not teakwood, and when used outdoors these woods have to be protected. The Eucalyptus genus contains over species. Eucalyptus is an excellent wood that has been used for windbreaks, fuel, building supplies, and in some countries as food sources.

    However, if this wood is not seasoned properly prior to being used in manufacturing is will split, crack and chip. Eucalyptus, when used for outdoor furniture can be finished with high quality penetrating oil, stain mixture to take on a Teak-like appearance.

    However, to maintain the look, the furniture has to be cleaned and resealed on a regular basis. Eucalyptus furniture can also be painted. When shopping for outdoor furniture, you have to make sure you know what type of wood the furniture is made from and precisely what you are purchasing. Don't be taken advantage. If you want the beauty of teakwood, as well as the durability of Teak, then you have to purchase Teak. Teakwood is resistant against weather damage, termites, beetles, fungus, and wood rot.

    If you purchase an alterative wood, these woods do look beautiful and will hold up if you properly maintain them. However, you must keep in mind that these woods are not Teak, they are not stronger than Teak and will not last as long as Teak if they are not treated.

    Teakwood is a Favorite Throughout the World You can find teakwood being used as ship decks, park furniture, flooring, and as home outdoor furniture. The first recorded mention of teak was in the fourth century, since then civilization all over the world have been aware of the many benefits of teak. This is a very durable wood that is resistant to rot, insect infestation, and warping, which is the reason why for many centuries it was used in shipbuilding since the Middle Ages.

    Another advantage teak has is its unique ability to prevent rust and corrosion on metal that is in contact with the wood. Countless outdoor teakwood benches were actually made from recycled decking from old sailing ships.

    During the Victorian period, teakwood traveled to England. Today, you can find teak benches and chairs in public parks all over England, some of which approximately a century old.

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  • Today teakwood is used primarily in shipbuilding and in the construction of outdoor furniture due to its virtually indestructible quality, which is partly due to its high oil, content, making it resist insect attacks as well as the elements. You can find teakwood being used as ship decks, park furniture, flooring, and as home outdoor furniture.



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