folding cot Folding cot

The Mothercare Folding cot is aesthetically pleasing, made of solid beech wood that looks both traditional and stylish.

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  • It comes complete with a mattress, making it more affordable. The Mothercare Folding Cot is made from sturdy, solid beech wood with a natural finish that looks beautiful in any bedroom.

    Briefly, the present folding cot comprises a pair of side rails, each side rail having two sections, the sections of each side rail being releasably interconnected or hingedly interconnected to permit folding of each side rail in half; a flexible body-supporting sheet connecting the side rails; and a plurality of support members located beneath the side rails and the bodysupporting sheet and being removably connectible thereto for supporting the side rails and the body-supporting sheet in a horizontal plane. A camping cot helps mitigate both of these issues by mere elevation and keeping one from the ground. Only buy folding cots that feature the required safety and assembly messages.

    The design is a great mix of contemporary and traditional, with clean lines and a solid structure that will give you longevity and value, as well as great style. Practical and easy installation, with two locking levers for safety. Would you recommend this to other mums?

    How did this product make your life easier?

    folding cot Folding cot

    Perhaps it would save you space when storing it but otherwise, a travel cot seems like a much better option.

    Would you choose this product to win? The large size is great as it means the cot would last quite a long time and the mattress is of very good quality.

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  • I would not choose it to win though, because I cannot transport it anywhere, and this is very important to me when making a purchase. What changes would you make to this product? I like the idea of a cot that folds up, but I feel that the point is to be able to travel with it. But I really approve of the comfy mattress and would recommend it as a mere stand-alone cot for the nursery.

    I would only recommend this cot to someone who had very little space available in their house, and needed to regularly fold up their cot in the day to make room for other things. Otherwise, the fold-down feature is not particularly useful as the product is too hefty to carry around with you. However, I really appreciate how comfortable the mattress is for baby. But I can see the benefits for those with smaller rooms.

    The extreme lower end 20 of one member of each hinge rests against a shoulder 21 of the adjacent end of the other member, this shoulder being shown plainly in Fig. Cots with extra padding will also be heavier.

    It was comfortable, but not compact enough to merit a prize in the Mother and Baby Awards. I think I would make this cot more lightweight, so that it could be carried around easily or even taken on holiday.

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    Once you know what you are doing, this cot is easy to put down. The design is nice and simple and is therefore never fiddly. It is very sturdy and well-made yet, which I really like!

    However, that unfortunately means that it is heavy to carry. It is a good length, which means it will last a long time. I think it would make life easier in hotel rooms when you have limited space and need to fold up the cot after use. Having said that, I am happy to use it as a regular cot in the home as I like the strong, sturdy structure, it puts me at ease that my baby is safe and secure inside. I would change how bulky it is, but without compromising on the sturdy structure of the cot.

    Yes, I like the nice, simple design and how sturdy it is. It is easy to fold down flat when needed. I would recommend this for hotels as there is often no room to keep the cot up all the time. However, since it is very heavy, I would probably prefer a travel cot on holiday.

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  • This cot is a great length, meaning that it is durable and will last until my baby is much bigger. I really appreciate this as it will save me money in the long run. Also, the mattress has a plastic cover, which makes cleaning a breeze. But it is still very comfortable for baby. The cot is easy collapse when needed. I would choose it to win if I didn't have room to keep a cot up all the time in my nursery.

    But I am a fan of how strong and sturdy it is, I can trust that my child is safe inside. I think I would make this cot easier to manoeuvre around, by making it more lightweight for transportation.

    folding cot Folding cot



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